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Keeping Families Together

Gustavus Adolphus Family Services is founded on a tradition of caring and compassion toward youth that reflects its heritage back to 1885. We provide a full continuum of services for at-risk children, youth and their families including residential and group home level of care, special education program - 853 Chapter, therapeutic foster care, and preventative services.

All services are individualized, child-centered and permanency-focused. We promote youth and family involvement in their care plan from the intake process and throughout their placement. We use individual treatment team meetings and service plan reviews along with ongoing communication to encourage the youth and families in the planning process for the success growth and development of the child, youth and family. 

G.A. Family Services' Core Beliefs

Growth - All youth will be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Achievement - All youth will experience a positive environment in which they can enjoy success.

Family - We will work with the entire family moving all members towards permanence.

Safety - We will treat youth, families, and each other with dignity and respect, creating a safe environment for everyone.

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Community-based Continuum

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The G.A. Home as it looks today.

In 1968, a five section building was erected replacing the original Gustavus Adolphus Home. The design of the new building was described as an "open resident facility". The Gustavus Adolphus Children's Home is a residential treatment facility for emotionally disturbed youth between the ages of 12 and 17. On-site institutional care maintains up to 42 residential beds. Up to 18 youth live in one of three boarding homes in the area. A group home licensed for 7, also helps to provide the youth with a family based atomosphere. A Supervised Independent Living home is available for 2 additional youth.

The Gustavus Adolphus Children’s Home admitted its first 12 children on January 27, 1886. All were orphans of Swedish immigrants. The Home was established by the Augustana Synod of the Lutheran Church in response to its concern for the religious upbringing of those Swedish children whose parents had died enroute to the United States or soon after their arrival.

Several northeastern locations were proposed with Jamestown being selected. Well-known local architect Aaron Hall designed the Gothic structure. The acreage surrounding the building became a working farm, providing the children with many valuable lessons for their future lives. Noted superintendents of the GA Home include the first ones, Rev. and Mrs. T.O. Linell and long-term superintendents, Mr. & Mrs. John S. Swensson and Mr. And Mrs. J. Oscar Peterson, both of whom had grown up in the home. Read more...

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