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Senior Life Matters

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Senior Life Matters

Finding solutions to senior issues and planning for senior living can be viewed as complicated and sometimes disruptive to the family. Too often, following a life event, such as a fall, illness, or death of a loved one, is when families are faced with these difficult decisions.

Also, there are many myths concerning senior services and the aging process. That's why we created the Senior Life Matters Program.  Let our Certified Geriatric Manager's expertise go to work for you. Even if you don't know where to begin, we'll help you every step of the way.

The primary purpose of a Geriatric Care Manager is to insure that you have all the supportive services necessary to continue living independently and comfortably as long as possible.

Our Senior Life Matters Geriatric Care Managers and Service Coordinators have over 30 years of experience in helping seniors and their families.

  • Finding Solutions to Senior Issues

    • Services in the Community
    • Prescription Program
    • Medicare Part D
  • Do You Need Help With:

    • Insurance / Medicare / Medicaid
    • Bills and Getting them Paid
    • Funeral Arrangements?
  • Do You Need Help Transitioning to a New Home:

    • Lutheran Campus Housing (Edgewood Communities)
    • Apartment
    • Assisted Living
    • Skilled Nursing Facility?
  • Our Certified Geriatric Care Manager can help you navigate

    all the available services. All information is kept confidential.

    We can:

    • Link clients with appropriate community resources.
    • Serve as advocates for services needed to remain independent
    • Act as liaisons with community programs and organizations
    • Provide informal counseling and intervention
    • Maintain existing family supports and, when needed, develop new supports
    • Monitor services?
  • Geriatric Care Managers and Service Coordinators:

    • Determine what various health insurances cover (Medicare and secondary insurance)
    • Assist with determining eligibility for SSI, Medicaid, Lifeline, Food Stamps, and telephone discounts
    • Assist in preparation of paperwork for entitlement programs such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc.
    • Complete assessments and arrange for services through CASA, an agency of the Department of Social Services serving Chautauqua County
    • Help locate physicians who accept new patients and your insurance plans
    • Arrange for the "Meals on Wheels" program
    • Help arrange transportation for medical appointments through CARTS, Office of the Aging and other alternatives
  • Caregiver Solutions

    Senior Life Matters is excited to introduce you to a solution to your caregiving dilemmas. Caregiving is stressful and we want to help you handle the many decisions and responsibilities you are managing. Senior Life Matters has the personnel to help you with many of these tasks.


    • Changing living arrangements
    • Cleaning out closets
    • Repairs around the house
    • Sorting
    • Help with shopping and errands
    • Insurance questions and coverage changes
    • Organizing paperwork and bill paying


    The professional staff of the Geriatric Care Manager and Service Coordinators are available to meet with you at your convenience in your own home or the home of the senior in your life. Our staff have the experience and knowledge to guide you to the solutions for your situation.

  • Geriatric Care Management

    Senior Life Matters Service Coordinators have extensive experience in the field of senior services. They help the elderly population of our region to remain as independent and financially secure as they can. They serve as advocates, advisors and make referrals to the appropriate agencies and entitlements programs.


    Geriatric Care Managers: The eyes and ears for children who live afar.


    Services Offered:


    • Professional care assessment
    • Connection with appropriate agencies
    • Advocacy
    • Insurance counseling
    • Evaluation for entitlements
    • Application and Paperwork assistance
    • Recomendations for home modifications
    • Assistance in transition to a new setting or living arrangement
    • Help with Medicare Part D


    Our staff come to you and help you deal with the issues in your life.Our goals are your goals.

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