Caring Through Crafting Volunteers Donate to Lutheran

Women from the Levant Wesleyan Church in Falconer recently began a small group called, “These Hands – Caring Through Crafting.” The group donated handmade handbags, wheelchair and walker bags, tactile activity mats, shawls, wall hangings, handmade cards, and woven necklaces to the residents at the Lutheran Home and Rehabilitation Center. Several of the items were created using recycled fabrics, neckties, and other textured materials. Residents are able to enjoy the items throughout the facility, in activities, and more.

During delivery, the group expressed their willingness to volunteer, desire to give back, and encouraged others to do the same. Lutheran is currently in need of volunteers for various resident-related activities on campus including music performances, reading, in-house arts and crafts, working in the newly remodeled gift shop, and more. Individuals or groups interested in more information are asked to call 716-665-8090 to speak with Amanda Christy.