Lutheran Charity Golf Tournament Winners Announced

Lutheran gives a big THANK YOU to all the sponsors and supporters of our fifteenth annual Lutheran Charity Golf Tournament that was recently held at the Moon Brook Country Club. The 2018 tournament champions (from left) were Bob Minicucci, Chris O’Donnell, Todd Anderson, and Jerry Emrich.

Thank you to M&T Bank for serving as our title sponsor for another year! Over the years, the sponsors of the Lutheran Charity Golf Tournament have made it possible to invest nearly $500,000 to enhance the care and services at Lutheran. Lutheran is the go-to resource for senior services.

The front-side champions were Mike Clopp, Randy Dar, Randy Olson and Norm Smith with a 60 while Kevin Saff, Jon Saff, Michael Saff and Denny Stornes shot a 61 to lead the way on the back side.

Fourth place with a 125 went to Mike Roberts, Jon Scalise, John LaMancuso and John Trussalo with a 125; Art Wingerter, Greg Edwards, Joe Palmeri and Todd McPherson shot 128; Eric Martin, Zach Camarata, Mark Blasdell and Brian Martin finished at 129; Rick Shick, Bernie Wojtkowiak, Terrance Moore and Brett Hammell finished at 134, as did Rick Wight, Rich Pinciaro, Kris Waddington and Mike Goldman.

Closest to the line on No. 3 was O’Donnell, closest to the pin on No. 4 was Peter Sullivan, closest to the pin on No. 8 was Jack Grimm, closest to the pin on No. 13 was Kody Hoth, closest to the pin on No. 17 was Adolph Morando and Eric Martin had the longest drive on No. 18.

Lutheran Jamestown Welcomes New Board Chairs

Lutheran Jamestown and the Lutheran Foundation proudly welcome and announce the election of two new board chairs after elections took place this spring. Mrs. Terry Havens-Turner has been elected as the board chair for Lutheran Jamestown and Mr. Joel Gaden has been elected as the board chair for the Lutheran Foundation.

“Lutheran has been fortunate to receive the support of many community volunteers, and Joel and Terry are great representatives of that,” said Tom Holt, president and CEO of Lutheran. “They give of their time, talent, and resources to make Lutheran a better place to live, work, and volunteer and have helped make Lutheran the community asset that it is,” said Holt.

Mrs. Havens-Turner earned her B.S. in Operations Research/Industrial Engineering at Cornell University. She currently serves as the Corporate Treasurer/Secretary for The Matric Group in Seneca, Pennsylvania. Her current community involvement includes Creche, Chautauqua Lake Association, Lakewood Community Development Foundation, Chautauqua Lake Yacht Club, and she serves as a trustee at Jamestown Business College. Mrs. Havens-Turner has served as the Lutheran Foundation Board Chair since 2007. The Lutheran Jamestown board oversees annual budgets, audits, and other important business concerns for Lutheran’s five main programs: Lutheran Home and Rehabilitation Center, Hultquist Place Assisted Living Program, G.A. Family Services, Lutheran Senior Housing, and Grace Community Services in Rochester.

After graduating from Lehigh University and receiving a commission in the U.S. Army, Mr. Gaden began his career in banking and finance in New York City. In the late 1960s, his family moved to Jamestown and for the following two decades Mr. Gaden served as the President of the then Bank of Jamestown (Bankers Trust), and subsequently the then First National Bank (Chase). He has served on a number of charitable agencies’ boards including services as the President of United Way, Chairman of Salvation Army, and the YMCA, among others. His civic duties include serving on the Zoning Board of Appeals for the Town of Chautauqua. He has served on the Foundation Board since June of 2013. The Lutheran Foundation board is responsible for overseeing the fundraising activities and authorizes grants in support of Lutheran’s programs as well as the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) of Chautauqua County and the Foster Grandparent Program.

Lutheran Hosts Foundation Donor Luncheon

Over 80 community members attended Lutheran’s annual recognition event honoring the members of the 2017 Touching Lives Club (TLC) and members of the Juliet Anderson Rosch Society. The TLC recognizes donors for their annual giving and the Rosch Society recognizes donors who have established planned gifts in support of Lutheran’s residents.

“Your faithful and generous giving makes everything we do possible. You make sure that everyone we serve has a life well lived every day,” said Gwen Axelson, development officer for Lutheran.

Special guest Phoebe Grow, daughter of Lutheran resident Betty Mee, spoke to those in attendance on behalf of their entire family. Grow thanked Lutheran and the staff for the wonderful care her mother receives on a regular basis and how charitable donations to the foundation have made an impact on her mother’s life and the lives of others. Betty was one of the first residents at the Hultquist Place Assisted Living Program and she continues to have an active life at Lutheran. She enjoys many activities and has served on resident council for several years.

“Your contributions enhance the programs and services available here at Lutheran. You make a difference in the lives of everyone we serve,” said Tom Holt, president and CEO of Lutheran. After a thank you and welcome, Holt provided an update on the current projects at Lutheran and G.A. Family Services and expressed his gratitude to the group for supporting each program.

New members of Lutheran’s Cornerstone Council were also recognized at the event. Alan Anderson and Suellen Carlson were welcomed as the newest members of the Cornerstone Council, which are individuals or businesses who have given $10,000 cumulatively since 1996 when the Lutheran Foundation was first established.

Ecklof Bakery Cookie Sale to Benefit G.A. Family Services

For the seventh year in a row, Ecklof Bakery is helping raise much needed funds and awareness for children in need of a foster home in Chautauqua County. Located at 832 Foote Avenue in Jamestown, Ecklof Bakery will be selling heart shaped sugar cookies at the bakery from May 11-26 with proceeds to benefit G.A. Family Services Foster Care program.

“We love doing this cookie sale. Through the years, we have encountered many great kids in the community, on the sports fields, and other places. Their stories are very touching,” said Rick Ecklof, owner of Ecklof Bakery. “My son Chad and I are the guys driving this. We’re honored to do it,” said Ecklof. The Swedish bakery has been in business for more than 60 years.

The heart shaped cookie sale is held in May during National Foster Care Month. Over 400,000 children nationally are in need of foster care services. The cookies are heart shaped because the goal of the foster care program is to encourage the community to open their hearts to children in need of a loving home.

“We’re always looking for foster homes for children right here in Chautauqua County,” said Kara Kloss, family resource coordinator for G.A. Family Services. “The heart shaped cookies serve as a reminder to share the love! You can buy one or buy them in bulk for Mother’s Day, graduation parties, office meetings, and more. Every sale between May 11-26 helps our program,” she said.

Cookies are available at Ecklof Bakery for $1.00 each. For large orders, community members are encouraged to call 488-1516 to pre-order.

Lutheran and G.A. Family Services Hold Recognition Dinner

Lutheran and G.A. Family Services held their annual Employee Recognition Dinner at Moon Brook Country Club on Monday, March 19, to honor 91 employees for varying years of service to their respective organizations. The theme of the event was “Lutheran Employees Rock” and had a rock-n-roll theme.

“It is always an honor to be there to personally recognize our staff for their continued years of service to the seniors and youth in our community,” said Tom Holt, president and CEO for Lutheran. “We had a great mix of departments and anniversaries represented, myself included. Each employee plays a vital role in the lives of our residents in some way. To be among them all was an honor,” said Holt.

Members of the Lutheran board of directors, as well as the organization’s leadership team, presented awards to the attending employees to thank them for their continued support and hard work. Two employees, Jan Basile and Lew Meckley, celebrated their retirement at the event after 36 and 41 years of service.

“Jan and Lew have been cornerstones at Lutheran and G.A. Family Services during their time with us. We have relied on them greatly through the years,” said Holt.

Jan Basile began working at Lutheran 36 years ago as an Admissions Assistant after being recruited by a friend to come to the organization. From the beginning, she would work on morning census reports, resident discharges, resident room changes, and other vital information used throughout the nursing home. Jan’s handle on this information provided department managers with a snapshot of what was going on in the nursing home each day. Jan had perfect attendance all 36 years of employment with Lutheran, which is a remarkable achievement. Since retiring last fall, Jan has enjoyed spending time with her family and traveling.

“It was a bittersweet parting from the organization I had served for so many years,” said Basile. “I have formed so many lasting friendships with staff and residents. I thank Lutheran for taking a chance on me 36 years ago when I walked in with no experience in the medical field but a willingness and eagerness to learn a new job,” she said.

Lew Meckley celebrated his retirement after 41 years with Lutheran and G.A. Family Services. After beginning his career as a Direct Care provider on the boy’s unit at the G.A. Residential Program, he quickly climbed the ladder to Clinical Services Coordinator and then Director of Quality and Compliance. Lew has a BA in Psychology and a MA in Clinical Psychology, the latter of which he obtained while working full-time at G.A. During his time with the organization, Lew helped train staff, led the organization’s efforts to all-digital electronic records, and was tapped by NYS officials to provide insight and support as they began to transition their child welfare records into digital format. In retirement, Lew hopes to do some traveling and will continue to pursue his interest in hot air ballooning.

“I realized early the potential I had to train others and the impact that it could mean for our organization. I have a passion for training adults and inspiring them to do great things,” said Meckley. “A personal experience I had growing up led to a long career in youth services. Since then, it has been my goal to pay it forward,” he said.

Lutheran employees recognized for two (2) years of service: Kassandra Adams, Katherine Beyer, James Brentley, Kienna Brown, Stephanie Brown, Kurt Carlson, Elizabeth Case, Maria Castronova-Smith, Terrell Colburn, Jacqueline Confere, Donna Duckworth, Diana Dustin, Sherwin Espinar, Heather Fields, Debra Gardner, Erin Green, Jonathan Gregory, David Grice, Jennifer Haskell, Kelly Himes, Catherine Hunzinger, Kathleen Jackowski, Robin Knepshield, Beth Lanphere, Kelly Ling, Joseph Linkous, Emma Liuzzo, Timothy McMullen, Amanda Muntz, Pamela Riffel, Zoraida Rodriguez, Duane Stillman, Heather Summerfield, Lisa Sundlov, Faith Swanson, William Swanson, Vicki Troutman, Tara White, Maceo Wofford, and Jessica Woods.

Lutheran employees recognized for five (5) years of service: Tammy Adams, Renae Bean, Wade Chapman, Donna Ciancio, Ashley Courtney, Patricia Cunningham, John Enney, Nathanael Ferguson, Sandra Gilbert, Kathleen Guild, Sabrina Keith, Katie Lawrence, Tammy Malanowski, Shannon Maltby, Christina Miller, Christopher Miraglia, Danielle Orlando, Jeffrey Paula, Mark Polaski, Richard Shick, Aaron Skinner, Leah Snyder, Lucinda Taylor, Darla Vik, Carmen Walters, Jacquelyn Wilcox, and Alysa Williams.

Lutheran employees recognized for ten (10) years of service: James Bockrath, Janene Bockrath, Ryan Carnes, Lucia Guarnieri, Ronald James, Sandra Johnson, James Mohan, Denise Ohman, Karen Phillips, Mala Reichard, and Cynthia Steele.

Lutheran employees recognized for fifteen (15) years of service: Jason Beckwith, Karin Donnell, and Erica Richerson.

Lutheran employees recognized for twenty (20) years of service: Deanna Dahlgren, Peter Nalbone, and Pamela Nordin.

Lutheran employees recognized for twenty-five (25) years of service: Tom Holt, Shelby Riddell, Patricia Singer, Rhonda Teeter, and Shelly Quackenbush.

Lutheran employees recognized for forty (40) years of service: Lew Meckley and Brenda Waite.

Caring Through Crafting Volunteers Donate to Lutheran

Women from the Levant Wesleyan Church in Falconer recently began a small group called, “These Hands – Caring Through Crafting.” The group donated handmade handbags, wheelchair and walker bags, tactile activity mats, shawls, wall hangings, handmade cards, and woven necklaces to the residents at the Lutheran Home and Rehabilitation Center. Several of the items were created using recycled fabrics, neckties, and other textured materials. Residents are able to enjoy the items throughout the facility, in activities, and more.

During delivery, the group expressed their willingness to volunteer, desire to give back, and encouraged others to do the same. Lutheran is currently in need of volunteers for various resident-related activities on campus including music performances, reading, in-house arts and crafts, working in the newly remodeled gift shop, and more. Individuals or groups interested in more information are asked to call 716-665-8090 to speak with Amanda Christy.

Teaching Kitchen Visits Hultquist Place Assisted Living Program

Morrison Community Living Chef David Bollman led a cooking demonstration for residents of the Hultquist Place Assisted Living Program on the Lutheran Campus in Jamestown on Friday afternoon. Teaching Kitchen events allow residents to explore culinary and nutritional literacy while having fun with food in small groups. The event was also instructed by Erica Richerson, a Dietician at Lutheran, and Sara Ferrerio, Director of Clinical and Wellness Support from Morrison Community Living. Residents from Hultquist Place created a whole wheat couscous salad with fresh herbs and pistachios while learning all of the health and nutritional benefits of each ingredient.

Hultquist Place Teaching Kitchen with Chef Dave