LHRC Visitation Plan and September 11 Tribute (LHRC)

On this historic day in American history, we take a moment of silence to remember where we were on September 11, 2001, and pay tribute to those who lost their lives from the horrific incidents that took place. The next day, it felt as if we took an oath as a nation to protect one another from threats, both foreign and domestic. Since then, our country has overcome a lot of adversity, but our greatest test and struggle in the modern era is the threat we now face today in the form of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Though we’ve hit a few roadblocks along the way, our administrators and front line workers have been working double time to keep our residents and themselves safe. The goal? To bring you and your loved ones together again. Since we are inching closer to that day, I’m happy to include the final version of our Lutheran Home and Rehabilitation Center visitation plan with this letter. This visitation plan as well as the visitation plan for the Hultquist Place Assisted Living Program are also available on our website by visiting www.jamestowninternetmarketing.com/lss and clicking “Campus COVID-19 Information” on the homepage.

Please review this information carefully. When we are able to begin scheduling in-person visits, it will help expedite the process if you already know and follow these rules. Failure to follow them at any point during a visit or jeopardizing the health and safety of any of our other residents regardless of your relationship with them will result in a visitation ban until the public health crisis and state of emergency has lifted.

In the meantime or while you wait for your in-person visits, I want to remind you all that we have several ways for you to see your loved ones using technology. While phone calls and window visits are still available, video chatting has been the latest trend in adult care facilities across the country. Not only has it helped bring families and friends together during this time, it has also helped educate an aging population how to use technology in safe, healthy ways. Our staff are equipped to provide Zoom, Skype, and Facetime calls for you and your loved ones. You can use the following numbers for scheduling phone calls, window visits, or video chats:

LHRC Units: (A1) 716-665-8164, (B1) 716-665-8115, (A2) 716-665-8165, and (B2) 716-665-8118

HP Front Desk: 716-720-9610 (NOTE: This number has been updated from previous letters.)

Over 190,000 Americans have lost their lives this year battling COVID-19. Some of them were seniors; some of them had preexisting conditions; some of them were healthy in every way. Though we have an idea of who is most at risk, we never truly know who could be next. We’ve been through so much; we owe it to one another to wear a mask, wash our hands, stay 6-feet apart, and socially distance when we can and above all else: remember to be kind.

Symptomatic Residents Tested for COVID-19 – 24
HP & LHRC Residents Tested for COVID-19 by DOH – 153
Residents Currently Testing Positive for COVID-19 – 0
Employees Tested Weekly for COVID-19 (Mandated) – ALL
Employees Currently Testing Positive for COVID-19 – 0
Former COVID-19 Positive Employees Recovered – 4


Tom Holt
President and CEO