Things continue to evolve rapidly on our campus in regards to our Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Visitation Plan, but we’re moving in a positive direction day-by-day. We have been updating the plan on a daily basis to keep up with changes to public health policy at a state and federal level. Although we aren’t where we want to be just yet, we’re excited to share some visitation news that you’ve all been asking and waiting for!

Beginning now, if visitor(s) AND the resident are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, they no longer have to wear a mask during their scheduled time together. However if either the visitor(s) or resident have NOT been fully vaccinated or are still within a two-week window after taking their final vaccine dose, masks are still required. This applies to outdoor and indoor visits.

Another exciting change is that we are able to accommodate weekend visitation, though it is available on a limited basis for the time being. Similar to when we first began in-person visitation, we will take the weekend additions slowly to make sure we work out any kinks while keeping everyone safe. To schedule your next visit or to see what weekend availability is like, please call:

LHRC Units: (A1) 716-665-8164, (B1) 716-665-8115, (A2) 716-665-8165, and (B2) 716-665-8118

I’ve included a copy of the new Visitation Plan for your review, updated as of July 14, 2021. Please note that this is subject to change depending on the state of the state and state of the country as it pertains to COVID-19 infection rates.

We continue to offer COVID-19 vaccines to new or existing residents as well as new or existing staff.  Studies have shown that 99% of individuals dying from COVID-19 across the country right now are unvaccinated persons. That being said, we strongly encourage you and others to consider taking one if you haven’t already! The science and data are there to back up the vaccine’s effectiveness and safety.

Our COVID-19 Preparedness page on our website has a really handy tool for location vaccination locations if you do not already have one identified. Thank you for working with us and being patient!

LHRC Residents Tested for COVID-19 – See Below*
LHRC Residents Currently Testing Positive for COVID-19 – 0
Former COVID-19 Positive LHRC Residents Recovered – 12
Employees Tested Weekly for COVID-19 (State Mandated) – See Below**
LHRC Employees Currently Testing Positive for COVID-19 – 0
Former COVID-19 Positive LHRC Employees Recovered – 34

*as needed under active, suspected, or investigated COVID-19 outbreak situations, does not count resident or representative declinations.
**only staff who are non-vaccinated or who are not yet fully vaccinated are required to test for COVID-19 monthly.

For COVID-19 status updates on the Lutheran Campus, call our 24/7 hotline at any time: 716-720-9715


Pamela S.  Nordin, RN, BS, WCC, LNHA