Matilda’s Law Update (Edgewood)

The news on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) changes daily on both a state and national level. Some of the information below you may already be aware of, but we wanted to share some specific changes taking effect here on our independent housing campus as a result of orders given to us by New York State. Please know that we are putting these precautions into place for your safety and well-being.

The Governor announced that New York State will be on a PAUSE (Policies Assure Uniform Safety for Everyone). This includes closing 100% of non-essential businesses beginning Sunday, March 22, at 8:00 PM. The Lutheran Campus is a healthcare facility that will remain open. You will continue to see our full workforce reporting to work daily as we need to continue caring for those we serve.

Matilda’s Law is now in effect, an effort to specifically protect New Yorkers over 70 years old with compromised immune systems. Matilda’s Law includes:

  • Remain indoors
  • Only go outside for solitary exercise
  • Pre-screen all visitors to your home by taking their temperature (or turn them away entirely for a period of time)
  • Wear a mask in the company of others
  • Stay at least 6 feet from others
  • Do not take public transportation unless urgent and absolutely necessary

The closing 100% of the non-essential businesses in the state included gyms, activity centers, and restaurants. Though it is not open to the public, we’ve made the decision to close the Edgewood Commons EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY for the time being to not only be responsible citizens but to also protect you as best we can.

Lastly, we want to remind you that our Delivered Commodities Menu (food/grocery purchasing), meal services, and laundry services will remain available to you. Unnecessary travel into the community should be avoided, so we will do what we can to provide the things you need as the days move forward. As always, please remember you can call Kevin and the Lutheran Senior Housing staff to help connect you with the resources you need by calling 716-665-8197.

We will continue to update you as new information is received and especially if any individuals test positive for Novel Coronavirus in our county. We thank you in advance for your cooperation during this challenging situation.


Tom Holt
President and CEO