Over 70 Employees Honored By Lutheran and G.A. Family Services

Lutheran and G.A. Family Services held their annual Employee Recognition Dinner at Moon Brook Country Club on Monday, March 18, to honor 74 employees for varying years of service to their respective organizations. The event was spring bumble bee themed recognizing “un-bee-lievable” contributions to the work environment.

“It takes a lot of people and a lot of roles to make the work we do at Lutheran and G.A. Family Services possible,” said Tom Holt, president and CEO. “To be able to recognize so many new and familiar faces is a blessing. They make a commitment to us and it means a lot,” said Holt. Lutheran provides independent housing, assisted living, skilled nursing, medical-model adult day healthcare, and rehabilitation to adults in the region. G.A. Family Services offers a broad range of youth services including an 853 learning center, residential treatment program, foster care and adoption services, and community-based support.

Members of Lutheran and G.A.’s leadership team presented awards to the attending employees to thank them for their continued support and hard work. Six employees retired over the last year including James Mohan (11 years of service), Debra Spangler (12 years of service), Delores Overturf (14 years of service), Kristine Marasco (16 years of service), Susan Seastedt (19 years of service), and Darlene Anderson (39 years of service).

“Our retirees have amassed over 100 years of service collectively. While it is sad to lose them, we’re honored to have had their compassion and leadership during their time with us,” said Holt.

Employees recognized for two (2) years of service: Patricia Baker, Jawara Battle, Matthew Erickson, Isaiah Faison, Maritza Fred, Debora Hasson, Sean Johnson, Eric Martin, Robert Paterniti, Morgan Schumacher, Curtis-Lee Smith, Mara Batson, Patricia Estus, Kim Ray, Linda Troutman, Evan Abplanalp, Nichole Arguelles, Mariel Augustine, Katrina Bishop, Nicholas Bollman, Nikkita Clark-Brightman, Cody Frederick, Amanda Garcia-Birt, Shannon Gunnell, Jeff Ireland, Elizabeth Kennedy, Miranda Kiesinger, Debra Mattson, Lynn Nalbone, Natalie Nalbone, Emily Norton, Roxanne Spengler, Chelsea Szczesny, Harriett Zayas-Blanco, Kelly Powell, Edwin Rodriguez, and Cherish Wright.

Employees recognized for five (5) years of service: Renea Fiorella, Cathy Linkous, Jill Manka, Liketia McAffee, Katie Snyder, Jorge Torres, Tammy Benware, Alisha Bochman, Gary Golden, Laura Olrogg, Jamiesha Reynolds, Wendy Strickland, Kristen Washburn, Amy Erickson, and Heidi Stanford.

Employees recognized for ten (10) years of service: Kimberly Cotter, Amanda Frye, Nicole Abbey, Sue-Ann Holler, Candice House, Breann Johnson, Marlene Sanders, Michelle Madison, Rosalie Zanghi, and Brenda Johnston.

Employees recognized for fifteen (15) years of service: Robert Gebhard, Douglas Bailey Jr., and Katrina Jones.

Employees recognized for twenty (20) years of service: Susan Swanstrom, Michele Twichel, and Janet Powell.

Employees recognized for twenty-five (25) years of service: Daphne McWhorter.

Employees recognized for thirty (30) years of service: Wendy Linamen.

Employees recognized for thirty-five (35) years of service: Darlene Foster.

Employees recognized for forty-five (45) years of service: Debbie Basile.

At a previous event earlier in the year, both organizations recognized their respective Employees of the Year for 2018. Evan Abplanalp, Physical Therapist at the Lutheran Home and Rehabilitation Center, was recognized by Lutheran while Nicole Green, Shift Supervisor at the GA Residential Program, was recognized by GA Family Services.

“Evan’s nomination for Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year were a testament to his compassion and care for the residents he serves. From providing rehabilitation care to telling the joke of the day in the hall, Evan raised the spirits of all those around him on a regular basis,” said Katrina Jones, Vice President of Human Resources. “As for Nicole, she is known to those around her to give 110% every day. She is motivated, focuses on her goals with the youth she serves, and still finds time to help coworkers in need. Nichole was recognized by a coworker for being an inspiration and she is very deserving of this honor,” said Jones.

To learn more about employment opportunities at Lutheran or G.A. Family Services, visit www.jamestowninternetmarketing.com/lss for a list of current openings or call 716-665-4905 to speak with Human Resources.

Located in Jamestown, New York, Lutheran’s continuum of care supports an individual’s journey through life with compassion, dignity and respect.