Staff and Resident Testing Update

As you can imagine, things continue to evolve for us on a daily basis as to what we can and can’t, should and shouldn’t do in relation to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on our campus. Along with this, there has been a lot of information floating around the community and media about testing of employees and residents over the last few weeks. We have some up-to-date numbers and information for you as well as some encouraging signs of what may lie ahead.

As of this week, we have completed six (6) rounds of COVID-19 testing with all of our employees and remain with only one positive asymptomatic case which was reported to you several weeks ago. We’re proud to announce that employee has fully recovered, tested negative for the virus, and has now rejoined our workforce. With their return, the unit this employee worked on has had their heightened precautions eased slightly, yet we remain on high alert across our organization to be safe. Other facilities like ours in different parts of the state have not had the same success we have. We were notified this week that we could begin testing employees only once per week. This new employee testing schedule will begin the week of June 14.

Two weeks ago, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that ALL nursing home residents across the state must be tested for COVID-19. With this nursing home-specific directive, we knew that instruction for assisted living programs would not be far behind; we were right. Assisted living residents, which includes those residing at the Hultquist Place Assisted Living Program, are now required to be tested for COVID-19 as well. Their resident testing will also begin the week of June 14. We’re hopeful that our infection control successes amongst our staff will carry over to our residents.

Our entire organization took action early, adopted higher precautions than what was required of us, and our diligence has paid off thus far. We are also very fortunate to live in a smaller region that is much easier to pivot and adapt to changes and new directives as they arise.

Looking at other counties and states across the country in various stages of reopening, we can only assume that visitation guidelines for long term care communities will be on the horizon. With western New York looking at phase 3 and 4 of New York’s reopening plan in the near future, we are hopeful that COVID-19 metrics continue to fall and restrictions will be lifted so you can rejoin your families and loved ones once again.

Please remember to do your part in keeping our COVID-19 numbers on a downward trend by practicing social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing your hands above all else. The threat may never disappear, but it can diminish if we all work together.

Thank you again for your patience and support.

Symptomatic Residents Tested for COVID-19 – 18
Residents Currently Testing Positive for COVID-19 – 0
Employees Tested for COVID-19 (Mandated) – Round 6 – ALL
Employees Currently Testing Positive for COVID-19 – 0
Former COVID-19 Positive Employees Recovered – 1

For COVID-19 status updates on the Lutheran Campus, call our 24/7 hotline at any time: 716-720-9715.


Tom Holt
President and CEO