Video Chat and Telephone Letter Home (LHRC)

As we continue to monitor the news surrounding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) threats on a national and state level, we wanted to share some information with you on the emotional wellbeing of our residents living at the Lutheran Home and Rehabilitation Center.

We’re taking every precaution to protect our residents, staff, and families from harm’s way, but one thing that will be hard for everyone to combat during this time is social isolation. Social isolation can happen when there is a lack of contact or emotional connection between those in adult care communities and their friends or loved ones from a lack of face-to-face interaction. While our staff is committed to visiting with each resident as much as possible, we realize that nothing can replace the bond they have with their family and loved ones.

One thing we’ve committed to do to help you stay in touch with your friends or family is waive the in-room telephone service fees for those already subscribed and make phones available to those who currently do not have in-room telephone service. We will continue to waive this fee (beginning in April 2020) until the visitation ban has been lifted by New York State. This is an easy first option to quickly get a hold of and stay in contact with anyone living on campus.

Second, we’ve created a Video Chatroom on campus for residents to Skype or Facetime securely with their friends and family who are unable to visit at this time. This is a great way to see a smile, share some photos, and have a laugh with the ones you care about most. To schedule a video call, LHRC residents can call their designated Unit Secretaries: (A1) 716-665-8164, (B1) 716-665-8115, (A2) 716-665-8165, and (B2) 716-665-8118.

Lastly, although we are closed to visitation, you may still drop off gifts or care packages to residents at the main entrance of LHRC. We recommend items that are factory sealed or packaged so they can be wiped down prior to delivery. Although this goes without saying, any cooked or prepared foods made at home should only be done so by individuals with a clean bill of health. If you or someone in your household are showing symptoms of respiratory illness (regardless of age or severity), we ask that you do not make or deliver prepared foods to campus to protect everyone involved. Regarding laundry, families are welcome to do their loved one’s laundry but it must be brought in a solid container that can be wiped or sprayed with a disinfectant cleaner. Our staff will deliver the dirty laundry to the front lobby for pickup and you may return it to the same location for staff to bring to the resident.

We will continue to update you as new information is received and especially if any individuals test positive for Novel Coronavirus in our county. We thank you in advance for your cooperation during this challenging situation.


Tom Holt
President and CEO